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How it works

Share content without wasting traffic

Every time you share a link you drive traffic away from your website or social media accounts. Even worse, if your content is shared by others then people don’t know who initially shared the valuable content they’re now consuming! With LinkBrandr there’s finally a way to share great content without driving people away.

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Option 1: Customizable Banner

LinkBrandr gives you the option to have a banner appear at the top of each page you share using a LinkBrandr link. You can customize the content with your business name, a custom message, and even a call to action. You can even style it to make sure it fits with your brand identity.

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Option 2: Custom Redirect Page

If you choose this option then a custom redirect page will appear each time anyone clicks on your LinkBrandr link. For a few seconds you’ll have their full attention and an opportunity to display your brand, your custom message, and a call to action!

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Option 3: Best of both worlds

Looking for the ultimate way to grow your brand? Combine the LinkBrandr banner and redirect page and enjoy twice the brand exposure!

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We're a small company dedicated to providing the best possible experience.

Fast & Easy Setup

Easy set up in seconds with no technical knowledge required. Sign in with one click and post directly to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn from our easy-to-manage dashboard.

Works on all devices & browsers

Optimized for all devices. No matter how your followers click on your links - on their desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone - you can rely on LinkBrandr to grow your brand awareness.

World class customer service

We're here to help you succeed. Real people are waiting to assist you and can be reached through email, website chat, and our help forums.

Simple, easy to understand pricing.

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$7.99 / month

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$79.99 / year

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  • Easy to use dashboard
  • Link shortening & customization
  • LinkBrandr Bar & Redirection Page
  • Exponential reach on shares and retweets
  • Call to action on every page
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